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Corporate Team Building 

Team spirit is possibly the most important element of project success. We offer a great alternative to the ordinary office party or work team building. Entertain your group or strengthen relationships by creating art together. You can order ahead and have the group make the same item (like an office mug) or your group pick and choose the item they would like to create. Either way having your office outing at Just Kiln' Time is always a sure bet. Please read the below to understand how Team Building Parties work. 





price of project

Covers all of the paints, tools, and materials you'll use to create your piece as well as the firing process.
Choose either pottery, canvas, or class fusing. The average is between $15 - $30. 

We require a $75 Room Fee at the time of your reservation. 

Parties are groups of 6 or more (we can accommodate up to 150 people)

We request that you book confirm your parties 2 weeks in advance so that we can enough staff for it and or order enough special requested pottery or glass. If you have a last minute party do not worry!

Each guest is expected to do their own piece of art (pottery or glass) Our studio tends to get busy and can fill up quickly so we like to fill all our seats with artists!

Team Building Ideas
Have your team members paint mugs for the office! This reminds your team of your work group outing they can also use it for traveling to work and show it OFF:)
Your team members can paint a plaque and use it as a dry erase board!
Brush Caddies:
Having your team members paint a brush caddy to put on their desks to fill with all their pens, pencils and markers!
Try canvas painting for your Team building outing! Our talented instructor will walk you through each step of painting a canvas design of your choice. You’ll be amazed at how talented some of your team members are. You’ll take delight in how each person adds their own flair to their individual painting no two turn out alike! Painting is an excited way to relax and have fun. A fun outing hosted by Just Kiln' Time will leave your team members feeling confident, motivated and comfortable with one another. 
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