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Glass Fusing

How does it Work?


Are you interested in trying out glass fusing but don’t know where to start? Fused glass refers to any piece of glass formed after heating two or more pieces of glass together in a kiln. Fused glass is used to fabricate plates, tiles, bowls, jewelry, wall hangings, and other artistic creations. Come join the fun at Just Kiln' Time, and we will show you the way. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Glass fusing is an enjoyable and creative art form, and it is easy to get started. You do not need to take a class to learn how to create wonderful glass pieces. However, we do offer fun and unique glass fusing classes. Check out our class schedule to see what is coming up! Glass is great for ages 10 and up. We offer Designer Glass (child-safe) glass for those delicate little hands. Our glass fusing area allows you to create functional pieces like bowls, plates or even your very own wall art. If you have any questions please contact





price of base

Covers all of the glass (in addition to your base), tools, and materials you'll use to create your piece as well as the firing process.
Determined by the size you pick. The average is between $15 - $80. 

Slump your piece into bowl or other shape for an extra $8!

Digital art exhibit
Balanced Objects

Step #1

Create on either a circle or square piece of glass. Sizes vary and come in clear, black or white glass!

Step #2

Choose different shapes, sizes and colors, and arrange your design. We have kid friendly designer glass, pebbles, chips, and frit glass. We also have some precut glass elements to use in your design.

Step #3

Start to design your piece. Attach your colored pieces of glass to the base with a little glue.

Step #4

Decide if your finished piece will be tack fused or full fused, tack fused will give your project a raised look and full fused will give your project a smooth finish. If the project needs slumping it will require two firings. Slumping is any piece that needs shaping. Add 1 extra week to the lead time if you slump your glass. 


Step #5

Once you are finished we’ll will put your piece in one of our kilns, also know as "SASSY GLASSY"


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