We have over 600 items to choose from including functional pottery such as plates, bowls and mugs to figurines and other decorative pieces.

How does it work?

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Painting your own pottery at Just Kiln' Time is fun, relaxing, easy and rewarding.  Our paints are all non-toxic and water soluble, and your finished item is food safe. We have TONS of styles to choose from. Pottery prices range from $10 to $99. ​ We stock mugs, plates, decorative pieces, functional items, figurines, holiday pottery, and much more, with many selections for both kids and adults.





price of POTTERY

Covers all of the paints, tools, and materials you'll use to create your piece as well as the firing process.
Determined by the size you pick. The average is between $15 - $30. 

Just Kiln' Time Paint Your Own Pottery'

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