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Metal Artist

SANDY CLAAS is a self-taught artist who fell in love with the beauty of metal. For the past decade, Sandy has been creating Metal Art through her Menomonee Falls based business, Rustic Creations. Sandy cuts, heats, bends and welds rusted sheet metal into creations that last a lift time. She can make flowers, stars, bird feeders, and houses. Staked in the ground, many of her pieces stand 6 feet or taller, allowing them to sway with the wind. Sandy say's "My flowers are my most popular items," Sandy says of her art, which echoes the delicate forms of daisies, coneflowers, sunflowers and lilies. Sandy is always creating new metal art. She also is open to a idea and will try to create it for you. Stop in the studio anytime to check out our selection of Metal art. If you have any questions please contact

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